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re-mix of
Make Yourself Scarce
Control Mouse Music


here is the original track:
https://soundcloud.com/controlmouse/make-yourself-scarce ___________________________________________________________________

taking a break for a little while— be back someday soon_Thanks

a remix of Control Mouse Music’s latest track_System of Saints.

Hear the original track and many more on the CMM site:


(reposted from the other day, this time through the Soundcloud site.

I’m catching on very slowly folks. Hopefully this will make it easier for

all to hear and comment too!)   ;0

Dub 238 Gold Medal Dub

Dub 237  A Flat Out Dub

Dub 236 HsaNoriDub

Sometimes you just feel like a totally fukked-up,

trippy, backwards mix of a previous day’s dub track.

Knowing you were feeling this way too, here it is…

Stuck inside today drinking too much tea.

My friend Michael shared his latest track

so I raged all over it inna’ dub fashion…

here’s the far saner original on his Control Mouse Music site

hosted by Soundcloud:


Dub 235  Very Long Time Dub

Dub 234    Quiet Snow Dub

here’s an ambient track for ya’

Dub 233  DoubleTroubleDub