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The Beach Boys


The Beach Boys

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Found this re-mix gem this morning while rummaging around the studio.

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Adios amigos!

"Shoes that no man would want to wear…"

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Way back when I was a little modgothpunkdweeb listening to the Bauhaus bootleg turned vinyl LP
I never knew this is what Peter Murphy said at the beginning of “Kick In the Eye.”

(Maxell Breaks the Sound Barrier!)

My teenage head thought he was suggesting to the audience,”Let’s All Break the Sound Barrier!” which inspired me to turn up for many years after. I’m gonna’ stick with this memory ‘cause it’s way cooler than advertising!
Now that I’m all “growed up” I too can understand that as a working artist Peter Murphy just had to be “taking the piss” out of himself from the stage.
Nothing says we love you like cash
and I’m sure he was happy to have some.

Much Love and good health to you sir.
Let’s turn it up again!

The Ghost of Peter Murphy

PS The Man With the X-Ray Eyes
still freaks me out. a great record

PPS. or a well placed plug for Maxell cassette tapes? used for the recording, no doubt. I always heard Daniel Ash’s voice asking for the tape, but again… dream on kiddies. A band couldn’t have a cooler bullshit story. awesome business.

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